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July 22, 2013

My Sundays usually start with a date with the Lord by worshiping Him through songs of praise and listening to God’s word in my home church, Jubilee Evangelical Church.

My next date would usually be a lunch with my family, but yesterday my mom, who is also one of the church deaconess, had a board meeting for church. I spent my lunch with my little sister Michelle in their despedida to Jill, one of our Sunday School volunteers who is leaving for Canada.

Recently, I had an additional Sun-date. And her name is EMBELLISH (Greenhills branch). My full time work is with Jacinto & Lirio, but at the same time our family has this baby brand named Embellish. So I had to also to continue working even on Sundays.

Many customers have been asking us, “Will you ever be on sale??? When???” So here it is! Selected items from our summer 2013 collection is already on sale at 10-40% off! As you can see, it’s only a few, so visit our shop now!:)


I’m a person who has a very short attention span and a multi-tasker. So when I’m in the shop, I fix and fix and fix the display. I also enjoy styling our mannequins and I can’t wait for a customer to buy the styles on the mannequins so that I can change it again!

Mannequin #1





Mannequin #2





What do you think of the styling?

Speaking of styling, I’m offering my styling services for FREE to Embellish, Terrie and Jacinto & Lirio clients who would want me to style their pre-nup, pre-debut and other pictorials. I’ll be posting more about it in another blog entry! 🙂

Finally, my 4th date for the day is with my BL. I couldn’t be with him in Yawyan that day because I was still recovering from my cough and colds. After he attended church in VCF UP branch, we went straight to TOSH Katipunan. Why TOSH? Well, he was kind of influenced by the story of the VCF pastor who mentioned about TOSH. hihi 🙂

Check out the cool thunder printed polo t-shirt I got for him from my China trip last time!:)



Thank you Mhykee for taking my photos!:)


IMG_8858 IMG_8862

Embellish dress

Embellish necklace

Ninewest bag

China blazer

SM Dept Store dollshoes


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