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July 3, 2013

Today was a tiring but purposeful day for me. My entire day was spent visiting Ecoingenuity Inc.’s community partners in Rizal.

My first stop was in Cainta, Rizal. Inside my car, I immediately noticed the water hyacinth filled lake behind their houses.It’s been quite a while since I last saw fresh water hyacinths.


Our Cainta Community recently moved out from the government’s leadership and is now an independent organization ran by their local NGO.  It seemed like a good thing  from an outsider’s point of view, but it actually is a scary beginning for our nanays since this is their first time to apply the piece rate scheme unlike their previous day rate salary scheme.


Nanay Eds inlaying the box with water hyacinth stalks

—Inspired by the shoe box we had them make for our upcoming collaboration with Risqué Designs by Tal de Guzman

Below are their latest designs which you will be seeing in Ecoingenuity Inc.’s Corporate Catalog:

IMG_8605 IMG_8606 IMG_8607

Right now, the main sentiment that they shared to me before I left was that a lot of nanays there need work. However, we can only give them work if we ourselves have orders from others. As we always say, “help us scale up so that we can help more

Next stop was Angono  Rizal. This is our latest community partner. We had our orientation with all of the nanays who was trained in water hyacinth leatherization and sewing. I presented to them about our company and our vision which they will now be a part of.

This is me showing them the difference of their current leatherized sheet and the quality of the sheet we hope for them to achieve.

Before we left to see their production area, we just had to have a group picture together 🙂



Below is a picture of the nanays that YOU will bring happiness as you order from us. As we always say to our corporate clients: “Help us scale up so that we can help more!


Check out more photos here.

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    Our product design head, Anne Mariposa shares her experience with the Rizal communities!

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