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Pink All Over

October 26, 2012

I am not a big fan of pink. I don’t abhor pink, but I’d much rather go with blues and greens instead of pink, so I don’t really know what got into me last Wednesday when I tried to go for pink all over. I guess I was feeling demure and girly that day. 😛

Since I got my nails done in this softer citrus orange color, I’ve been trying to dress around my nails. 😛 For me, any pastels go with light and soft orange, and since I have this awesome pair of pastel pink shorts that go perfectly with my nails, I went for the same color all over! What do you think? 😛

Since I wouldn’t get to see Pattrick that day, I had my mom take my pictures! 😛

Pattrick keeps on insisting that I wear blouses instead of my usual tank top or shirt. Although we didn’t see each other that day, I tried it out. Mom bought me lots of blouses from Thailand so I was out of excuses not to wear a blouse. I’m not a big fan of blouses because I feel old when I wear them, but this particular blouse brought an air of playfulness and sophistication at the same time. 🙂 And I love flower prints! 😛

Blouse from Esprit, Thailand

Shorts from Una Rosa
Belt from Terrie

Silver chain bracelet from Terrie
Statement bracelet from The Beadshop
Watch from Ice Watch

Pearl hairbands from Thailand

Please pardon the stool. 😛 I had to stand on a higher surface so that mom wouldn’t have to crouch down to take a picture of my shoes. 😛
Wedges from CLN

I enjoyed this pink day. 😛 Maybe I’ll go for pink more often now. 🙂

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