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A Sweet Dark Thing

October 22, 2012

Michelle and Anne here! It’s Sunday once again and here’s another sister-post for you! 🙂 —with a bonus grandma-grandchild feature!:)
Unlike last Sunday, Anne and I didn’t agree on which trend, pattern, or style to follow, so we ended up with t wo very different outfits. 😛
Anne’s outfit is more edgy and well, dark. Mine is on the sweeter side, with florals and the really conservative cardigan. Anne’s was not as bright, mine was just pink, although more on the gray side.

I don’t really know why Anne wanted to shoot in Embellish. Maybe our outfits were “Embellish” material? 😛


I don’t know what Anne was going for with her look, but I think she was going for a more gothic and sophisticated outfit. For me, Anne’s outfit was out of her usual eccentric and loudly-colored style, but I still LOVED how she downplayed her formal look with cute socks and sparkly rubber shoes. 🙂

Top from Embellish

Skirt from Terrie
Braided belt from Terrie

Arm candy from Terrie
Ring from Girl Shoppe

Bag from Terrie

Socks from SM Department Store
Shoes from Hong Kong


I was assigned to lead our church’s Sunrise Service in singing today, so I had to dress a little more conservative. 🙂 I opted to go sweeter with flowers and a cozy sweater. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but yes, I do love skirts with flowers on it. 😛

Top from Terrie

Sweater from Terrie

Here’s the lovely print on my skirt from Thailand 🙂

Bag from Nine West

Silver chain bracelet from Terrie
Watch from Ice Watch

Wedges from CLN

And we present to you our lovely photographer for the day: Dalvin Lim! 😉

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