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My Fashion Take on the Matching Print Fall 2012 Trend

October 21, 2012

It was not long before when I saw my mom wearing the same head-to-toe prints. I remember discouraging her from wearing thesame print from top to bottom because I felt that it was not fashionable anymore. But now here it is again; the fashion cycle has brought back the matching print trend! 🙂

Jacquard PantSuit

Head To Toe Prints

Head To Toe Floral Blue Print

Matching Printed Pant Suit

Photos above from

I can’t believe that I am actually wearing the same print all over. This really just goes to show that we should never say never!

Below is a photo of me at TERRIE, Shoppesville. Thank you to Marivic, our store manager, for taking my photo!


As the head purchaser for Embellish, maybe you’ve noticed that most of my clothes and accessories are actually from Embellish. This is one of the perks that I absolutely enjoy despite the stress and fatigue from work.


Ring from Terrie

Bag from Nine West

I couldn’t wear this outfit without my stockings simply because I was going to church that day and I didn’t want to look too “sexy”.


Mhykee and I were supposed to have dinner with Noreen at Oyster Boy that night, but she couldn’t make it ;( But we found out that Lugang Cafe was celebrating it’s anniversary and they had a 50% off promo for Metro Bank cardholders!:)  So we went there instead with mom, Michelle and my mom’s suki.




Can you imagine enjoying all those good food at 50% off? Imagine no more!:) The Metro Bank promo applies to other restaurants as well, like Italiannis and etc.

Go EAT, pray and love now!:) And be fashionable while you’re at it!

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  1. Pansy permalink
    October 21, 2012 11:47 am

    Whats wrong with your toenails?

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