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Pillars and Goddesses

October 18, 2012

I had a really special and secret date last night (the secret shall be revealed in 5 years or so… AND NO, IT WAS NOT WITH PATTRICK) so I decided to put on something special as well. I based my look on this wonderfully simple dress, which, when worn, transforms into something so classic and elegant. 🙂 The dress reminds me of the Grecian pillars we studied back in 2nd year. 🙂


I love wearing dresses that just wrap around my body. This dress fits me perfectly. It covers up all the not-so-nice areas and accentuates my assets, that’s why I kept the accessories to a minimum. The dress speaks for itself! 🙂
Blue mullet dress from Terrie

This was actually the first time Pattrick and I shot in a grassy area. At first, Pattrick didn’t want to shoot in the grass area of Magnolia because “the colors weren’t right,” but the shots turned out beautiful! 🙂 The brightness of the blue and yellow combination with the green and grassy background is just refreshing! 🙂

Here’s the back detail that reminds me of Grecian pillars! 🙂

In order to avoid being overdressed for my special and secret date that night, I went with this thin yellow belt. It gives just the right cinch to my waist and it gives an elegant but not overdressed feel to this already-elegant dress.
Yellow belt from Terrie

Honestly, I had a really hard time fitting in all my things in this tiny bag, but it was so worth it. 😛 The color of this metallic bag is just so unique! In the end, I only got to bring my lipstick, a ballpen, and my squished wallet, but this bag is worth it!
Metallic bag from Nine West

Gold chain hairband from Girl Shoppe

These are the only “bling” I wore. Keepin’ it simple, functional, and elegant. 🙂
Watch from Ice Watch
Statement bracelet from The Bead Shop

And to make everything more Greek, I wore these awesome sandals. 🙂 I was thinking of wearing heels, but then everything would just become too dressy, so I wore sandals instead!
Sandals from So Fab!

Can I pass for a Greek goddess now? Hahaha! Nahh. 😛

Photography and editing by Pattrick Lim 🙂

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