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Coffee, Donuts, and Autumn Leaves

October 14, 2012

Coffee and Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme has this awesome promo for espresso beverages. You just need to get a Coffee Passport and have it stamped every time you buy an espresso beverage. For every 3 cups, you can get 6 FREE DOUGHNUTS! ISN’T THAT THE AWESOME-EST THING EVER?! Especially for me and Pattrick who are coffee addicts. I spent almost everyday of last week in Krispy Kreme to finish my English paper, and along with that, I had Krispy Kreme coffee everyday, so HURRAY FOR FREE DOUGHNUTS!

Let me introduce you to Pattrick, my best friend. 🙂 And his doughnut, whom he loves… :O As you can see Pattrick is happily eating his doughnut. He ate 5 that day.

This is me, aggressively eating my doughnuts. I am an aggressive eater, but I only ate 1. :O

Here is Pattrick again, with, I think, his fourth doughnut? Yum yum!

Autumn Leaves

I know this is a summer dress and we’re still so far from summer, but I love its autumn colors! 🙂 They remind me of how God turns the green leaves of spring into the yellow and orange leaves of autumn. Only God can do that! 😉 How I wish we had autumn here in the Philippines!

I really don’t know why Pattrick chose to take photos in our church’s parking lot. 😛 It was so embarrassing! The guards and drivers were laughing and saying, “Dalaga na si Michelle, oh.” Maybe it was because they saw me way back, when I was still this awkward, fat kid who wore jogging pants because jeans wouldn’t fit me. 😛 At least now, I’ve upgraded from jogging pants to dresses. 😛 I’ll try to find an old photo of me wearing jogging pants. 😛

Mysterious ang peg! 😛

Dress from Terrie
Lace vest from Terrie

Wedges from CLN

Watch from Ice Watch

Brown leather bag from Korea
Apple green bag from Hedgren Urban Bags (I love this bag! It’s big and strong enough to carry my heavyweight, giant mac and it has a built-in cushion! :D)

And finally, Pattrick’s favorite picture. 😛 He even edited this on his tab because he left his laptop at home, haha! 😛

Pattrick: “As the wind blows away the autumn leaves… with an airy mysterious voice…”
Chos! 😛

Photos by P.L. :”>

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  1. ria permalink
    October 14, 2012 9:44 am

    chos HAHA

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