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My Embellish Collaboration Experience with Bloggers

October 9, 2012

It all started when Embellish received a PM from Shai Legarde of Love Chic requesting for sponsorship for her  meet and greet sessions with Seph at Cebu. Of course I was flattered to be asked by someone who already has a considerable huge following, so I said…yes!:)


Then…the idea suddenly hit me. Since she is already having a series of talks, school visits and blogger meet-ups in various places, why not include Embellish Podium in one of her visits?

I was delighted to hear a YES from Shaiwhen I brought up the idea of conducting a meet and greet session in our newly opened shop at Podium. However, a few days after, she had to back out because she was going to be in Negros during the targeted opening date 😦 BUT…she was kind enough to connect me to Aisa Ipac, the founder of Bloggers United.

Pax connected me with Tracy Ayson and Tin Iglesias, and they gave a quick yes too 🙂 Was very much honored to receive a yes also from Lissa Kahayon.

Week before the event, I had a four day trip to Korea with my mom to purchase goods for TERRIE, Embellish’s sister brand. The night before I left for Korea, I was panicking because I haven’t met with Pax yet to finalize the details for the event that I need to send to our media partners in time for promotion in their sites and printing in PDI’s Sunday newspaper. Plus Zalora still hasn’t confirmed how much discount vouchers they are willing to sponsor :s

Good thing the wifi connection in Korea was really good so with the help of my three reliable EMBELLISH interns Ivana, Kath and Nicole, we were able to finalize the details in time for production of PDI newspaper.


Thanks Nel for featuring EMBELLISH under the events section of PDI 😀


Thanks to Ms. Jin of  Summit Digital and for not only featuring the brand, but also featuring me!:) This shows how supportive they are to their brand partners!:D Apply your brand to now!:D


Thanks to Ms. Jin for placing our event details up in Female Network also 😀


This came in Oct. 3 in my mail from ZALORA’s email newsletter. I’m very thankful to Ms. Melissa for promoting our event also through Zalora’s other social media channels like facebook and twitter. Not to mention the fact that Zalora also sponsored the discount vouchersBeing part of Zalora is really something to be proud of. 

Speaking of interns, I’m looking for new interns for both Embellish and Terrie. We actually accept interns all year round!:D



Thank you to everyone who made this happen ❤


Special thanks to everyone who dropped by to show their support :D:D:D


Thank you Friday OCG Crew for dropping by even though it was 30 minutes before closing time 🙂


The EMBELLISH team together with our model, Nikita 🙂

Thank you for dropping by despite your busy schedule 🙂

(credits to Ahya JB for the pictures)

Check out more pictures of our event here.

For those who missed the styling and blogging workshops, here’s a video we took for you:

Enjoy ❤

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