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A Filipino Fall

October 7, 2012

My super awesome blockmates and I agreed to dress fall last Thursday, since the past two days have been rainy and windy and well, fall-y. But when I woke up on Thursday morning, it was anything but fall. The sun was out and the skies were less cloudy, but it was still kinda cool so I opted for a Filipino Fall, with a nautical twist. 😉


Striped Nautical Top from Terrie

Beige shorts from Hong Kong


I love this Braided Silver Belt from Terrie! 🙂


I love this little nautical detail on my top! 😛


This bag is a winner! I think this actually made my look. 😛 A one-of-a-kind bag from Korea. 🙂 I just love the little heart details! 🙂


There’s a funny story behind these Celine wedges. 😛 I got them from my grandmother who was the original fashionista of our family. 😀 She bought them for herself but upon realizing that it was kinda dangerous for her to walk in heels, she gave them to me! 😀 I love how I have the same shoe size as my mom and grandma. 😀


I’m a big fan of the Ice Watch and I love this old rose colored watch! 😛

I “stole” this big white ring from my sister (well, we share everything really), which she brought from 168. 😛

And there’s the “I LOVE” bracelet from The Bead Shop. 😛 There’s a little history to that, but I’ll share it next time. :”> 😛

Photos by Pattrick Lim 🙂

And here are my awesome blockmates. :> YIHEE! ❤

And yes, WE LOVE MATH! 😀

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