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Our Version of a Couple’s Shirt

October 1, 2012

It’s so funny how Mhykee and I usually end up wearing matching outfits without even planning about it.

For instance, during our one of our Sunday dates here in Eastwood, our outfit colors were matching. I was wearing a more violet version of burgundy (one of fall 2012’s color trends—A MUST have!!!) , while Mhykee here is wearing a more reddish version of burgundy. One of his most recent  new pants from Uniqlo’s sale promo during the 3 day Sale at MOA.

In this next picture, the patterns of our outfit exactly matched. Both of us were both wearing basic black and white/gray prints, lines, stripes, checkered and solid grays.



Another coincidental matching outfits during our 16th monthsary celebration:

Now,below is literal couple’s shirt. And no, it’s not a coincidence anymore. This was my gift to him during our 13th monthsary, where we celebrated it by cooking salt and pepper porkchop and watched our latest fave series: Criminal Minds!:)

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