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15 Months of LOVE at Melo’s

September 26, 2012

This is me. EXCITEEEEDDDDD for my dinner date at MELO’s :):):)

I haven’t eaten for 15x at Melo’s, but I’ve been with Mhyke for 15months already.

I decided to be a bit literal with the occasion for my outfit that day so I grabbed the first HEART outfit I saw in my closet.

Forgive for my nail polish is already chipped off, but I still do not wan’t to remove it because I love the color so much! (ay attached????hehehe)

Thanks to Tin, Mhykee’s sister, we were able to enjoy the best liver pate ever! Something we would never have ordered from a steak house!

…Along with unlimited cocktails, tasty steak and scrumptious shrimp! I had one of the best meals ever..but…I think I had a little too much of alcohol….I was in the toilet vomiting at the later part of the evening 😦






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