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The Mariposa Sisters

September 24, 2012

Hello everyone! As our blog title states, we are the Mariposa sisters. 😉 Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly, and YES, Mariposa is our surname. :> We are butterflies ready to spread our wings in the competitive world of fashion. Our parents are the pioneers of the local Filipina brand, Terrie, so we guess you can tell where our love for fashion comes from. 😛

On the left is moi, Michelle. I admit, I am more full-figured (I refuse to be called fat!) and I love accentuating my full figure with waist-cinchers. My style is more laid back, but with a mix of the pretty girl rock-ish type. I’m a musician–I love singing, playing the piano and composing songs (so I guess you can expect some of my songs and singing gigs to be posted on this blog :P)–I’m taking up BS Psychology in the University of the Philippines (U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas!) and I’m addicted to Criminal Minds and British nu-folk music. I love God (so you’ll be seeing a lot of Christian-themed posts here from me) and I believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. 🙂 I have another blog, and it’s purely on spiritual stuff so feel free to check it out! 😉

Beside me is my older sister, Anne. As you can see, she’s the slim one (BITTER MUCH? HAHA! But nahh) and her style is… how do I put it… eccentric. Yes, eccentric, that’s the word. There are times when she’d go for the classics like the one she’s wearing in the photo above and there are times when… oh you’ll see in our later posts. 😛 Anne is a full-blooded fashionista and also an Atenista. (RHYMING! WOAH. :O) I remember when we were much younger, she had a sketchbook full of her outfit designs, and she’d let me and my cousins vote for which design was the best. Like me, Anne is 100% Christian. 🙂

On Michelle:
Terrie spaghetti strapped polka-dot top
Una Rosa old-rose high-waisted shorts
Terrie wide beige lazer-cut belt
Louis Vuitton sling bag
Ice Watch
Korea gray rose clip

On Anne:
Embellish tank top
Terrie gray laced top
Embellish wide-legged pants
Louis Vuitton sling bag
Suki pink wedges
Embellish multi-colored bangle

Oh, and here’s Mhykee Mhyke Mhyke, Anne’s equally fashionable boyfriend.

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