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Embellish Podium Soft Opening #beginnings #fashion

September 8, 2012

Check out how my mom, Terrie Mariposa, styled the belts for our mannequin display. She connected one belt to another color.

Meet Embellish Podium.

From the outside of Markati Palazzo, Embellish will be the first shop that everyone will see, not only because of its strategic location, but also because of its radiating pink lights.

Our shop interiors was inspired by a fusion of fashion designer’s environment +old english+me.

Check out our counter:

This is my ever so supportive grandma–the original fashionista/contractor who built the foundations of this soon to be fashion empire.

Do not let her spot you without make up on 🙂

How many grandmas out there can you see wearing jeans and flip flops?

Check out how well she styled herself today:

Like grandma, like mother:

Meet the EMBELLISH team:

(left to right)

Benny Chua (Finance and HR), Terrie Mariposa (Product Dev’t and Store Operations Director), Sandra Chua (Product Dev’t Co-Directorand Graphics Guru), Anne Krystle Mariposa (Creative Director and Product Dev’t Designer)

Here’s our store clown/architect: Michael Yee

Finally, meet our beautiful front liners: Jen and J-an.

What do you think of their uniform?

Just as our Shoppesville branch had a grand opening event, expect one for Podium as well. Our space is bigger, so our event will definitely be better this time!:)

Stay tuned!:)

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