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Tips in Buying Fashion RTW Wholesale Abroad Part 2 (Pre-buying)

July 17, 2012

If you missed reading part , which was mostly about the pre-departure-not-so-cliche-tips-re-fashion-buying-trips-abroad, you might want to read this first:

But like the Criminal Minds Series, you don’t have to read the first part to understand the second partof this blog entry. In this blog I’ll be discussing more about what to do while you’re already purchasing goods.

Tip#1: Drink a lot of water every hour while buying

I just got home from Bangkok last July 12 which was only 1 week after our trip from HK and China for Embellish and Terrie. Guess what? I didn’t get sick! This is such a big deal for me because I ALWAYS  catch a cold, sore throat or cough either during my last day or right after business trips like this. So this is a first time for me. Maybe my immune system got better? Or because I was more consistent with my vitamin C intake while abroad? But, I think it was mostly because I drank water more often this time around. Hooray for h20!

Tip#2 Get a lot of calling cards from your hotel, money changer, and all the buildings or locations of the wholesale areas you plan to go to

If you’ve been to the same country and planning to go to the same hotel, it helps if you have a calling card with you already to give to the taxi driver that will drive you from the airport to your room. This is essential, especially if you are not fluent with their language. The same purpose applies to getting the business cards of the other entities you need to go to before purchasing, like the money changer. This way you can just show the card to citizens of that country and just ask directions from them or allow the taxi driver to lead you there if the place is a bit far.

Tip#3 Do not change all of your US$ to the local currency on day 1

This can be both an advantage and disadvantage because like the stock market, the dollar will 99% of the time change every hour. For me, it’s best to just get enough money that you will need for your purchasing on day 1, and just change more money if you’re almost out of money at any time of the day or the following morning. This will also help you control your budget. 

Tip#4 Do not place all of your purchasing money in your belt bag

In case of theft or other accidents, place some of your money in your regular bag and some in your belt bag which is where you will get your money upon paying your suppliers. Apart from this, you wouldn’t want your supplier to see that you have a lot of money when you open your belt bag so just place enough bills there and just put some more when it’s almost out.

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