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Your Personal Shopper

May 7, 2012

I love traveling, whether it be for leisure of business trips. Even though I ALWAYS get sick after a purchasing trip abroad for EMBELLISH and TERRIE, I enjoy every moment of it because it’s only when I’m in business trips that I get to experience shopping to the max (although the things I shop is not for myself hehe).

Shopping is so therapeutic, but I  only get to window shop in other local and imported brands in the country which explains why my closet is full of TERRIE and EMBELLISH clothes. Since I don’t get to go to purchasing trips that often, I usually volunteer to be the one to buy prizes for games in church camps, personal gifts and souvenirs for church events and the like.

Apart from this, I’ve been giving FREE personal gift shopping services to quite a few friends already ever since I was in college (or was it during my high school years…?). Aside from the free service, there’s also free packaging. The only twist is, the product has to be from EMBELLISH, JACINTO & LIRIO or TERRIE .

People usually just give me their budget, details about the person they are going to give the gift to (so that I can make sure the recipient would love the gift he/she receives), and message/s that the giver would want the item to convey. (Yes, I’ve had a client before who wanted to send a mushy message to her girlfriend through the gift.)

Mother’s day is around the corner and I’ve got a couple of gift ideas that I can’t wait to share with you 🙂 Just send me a message at 09178822320/ 09228234599.

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