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Van Gogh is Bipolar!

August 12, 2011

1…2…3…4..5..6..7..8..9th friendsary.

1st..2nd monthsary.

August 5 2011.

It was a gloomy night and raindrops were falling on my head (lalala…) but Mr. MY had the perfect concoction to brighten up the rest of the night, thanks to happiness inducing healthy dishes from Van Gogh is Bipolar!

More than the dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine neurotransmitters was the whole experience of eating in Mr. Jethro’s place.

From the very moment I step foot at their doorstep, I knew that this was not just like any other restaurant.

The signage outside asked us to remove our shoes.

As we entered, I was simply amazed at the ambiance that I saw. The first thing that one would notice are the different assortment of teapots in the middle of the room.

Choose your teacup!

Jethro, the owner, noticed us lingering around like tourists and immediately asked us if we had a reservation. We didn’t know that it was on a by reservation basis, but thank God his brother was there to help him which allowed him to accommodate more than the usual 12 diners/night.

12 diners a night

The adventure began with us brewing our own tea, following these steps:

How to make your own tea

Choose your mood

I’m not a coffee or tea lover but the mixture of avocado “soothing” leaves, honey and mint made a difference!

Next up was our soup and love potion drink.

Love Potion

Soon came our the bipolar appetizer.

I was distracted by the scrumptious dessert and the artistic display around me and before I knew it, came out our main dish.

I love the crunchiness of the salmon

bipolar pasta meal

According to Jethro, cabbage is known to beat depression. It contains vitamin C and folic acid. It is one of the vegetables that helps release a high level of serotonin
in the brain. Serotonin maintains that “happy-state-of-feeling”.

The consistency of the look and feel of the place was evident even in the bathroom.


Wedding proposal by a stranger

The Bathroom Door

Wedding Invitation

Entertainment while you do your thing

Toilet Bowl

The Sink

I was sooo full. I wish I didn’t have the tomato soup before I left home.

We had to ask Jethro to serve the “wholesome” and “sinful” dessert around 30 minutes after we finished eating our main course.

Luckily, the place had a lot to offer to keep us distracted.

Wall displays

The table

Notes for Jethro

This was the longest dinner date we have ever had. More than the food, it was the Van Gogh experience that made this night extra special.

Now, this is exactly what I’m talking about when I was pushing for the store look of our upcoming brand, “Embellish” to be unconventional.

More about Embellish soon!



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