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April 22, 2011

Brown paper, cartolina, tissue, paper, tracer wheel, scissors, machine needles, bobbin case, spool, fine fancy paisley fabric, a lot of questions from my teachers from Slims, and Slims friends to keep me insane…this were all the tools that I had in making my very first skirt and blouse with sports collar.

I wasn’t able to buy a fabric for this so I had to use Jacinto & Lirio’s excess Elegante Collection Mindanao inspired paisley fabric. I had to pay back the company ofcouse.

Take note, I won’t be wearing both of these garments as a “terno”. I will probably wear the top only.

Under the dressmaking course of slims, we have 5 projects for the beginners course wherein there are what you can call “templates” of patterns that we should follow, which means that we do not have the freedom to design it ourselves yet, except in choosing the cotton fabric. Although the designs may seem old fashion, each project would allow the student to learn different types of sewing of various styles as we progress through each project.

In the first stage, we only use manual sewing machines which had to be pedaled in order for it to work. At this rate, it took me roughly around 8 weeks to finish this. Talk about hard labor! Phew! This long span of time was due to a lot of external forces. One major factor was because of my schedule. I only attended classes every Monday, 7 hours a day because I have work Tuesdays to Saturday.

After holy week, I will be starting my second project, and I’m hoping that i would be able to finish it in less than 8 weeks.

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